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Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative

Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative
41700 Conger Bay Drive
Harrison Twp
Brian Simmons

The Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative is a public/private, non-profit association created to increase awareness, protect and develop the rich and diverse assets on and around this fresh water community. The focus of the Initiative is: Educate and connect new and existing visitors about the many experiences offered by Lake St. Clair and the surrounding businesses and communities. Provide an umbrella of organizational, communications and advocacy support for existing merchants and business associations, business and civic organizations, municipalities and the individual users of the lake. Develop and promote a long term vision and plan for the continued and sustainable development of Lake St. Clair and its assets. As a first step in this process, the Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative seeks to create a dynamic and memorable communications program which builds condense and pride in the region by promoting a message of discovery/re-discovery of Lake St. Clair and its rich, varied and interesting destinations.